Business Websites – Making Use OF A Call To Action and Offer

Getting a lead may be difficult especially for small and lesser known businesses. But there are techniques you can put into place to make it more compelling for visitors of your business website to give you their contact information to discuss your company’s solution to their concern. This is where having a suitable call to action and offer comes into place.

Every website should have a call to action, which is a response that you want your users to complete. The question is, how can you encourage users to take action? And how do you create an offer and call to action that is effective?

An effective call to action is an essential part of any website. This means that despite what people think, a call to action is not only limited to ecommerce sites. In order to make a website effective, it must have an action or goal it wants it’s users to complete. This can be something as simple as filling in a form with contact details, signing up for a newsletter or accepting a free consultation. Generally, an offer will not be an invitation to buy a product or service.

Why is a Call To Action Important for Businesses?

Without encouraging the potential prospect to take an action to contact you or for you to get in contact with them, there will be no sale.

It can be a process getting a prospect to land on your website or landing page, and then make a purchase for your products or services. This process takes a lot of pre-sales work and the last thing you want to do is force the user into making a purchase or make them feel uncomfortable by being pushy or in their face with ridiculous offers. What you want is to make sure that they are primed through previous contact with the company. This establishes a unique relationship with the customer and can make it easier to develop into a sale once you have a means to contact them.

Most users are visiting your website for the first time and the flow will likely be; prospect making a search, finding your website, browsing the content, and then visiting another website. You have to remember that you are not the only one providing your products or services, which means that in order to win over a prospect; you will need the help of an attractive, risk-free offer or call to action to get their contact details. In turn this will build trust and authority, whilst providing your prospect with value for money without having to spend a penny.

Making an Offer

Your website may have an offer that goes as follows:

  • A free consultation
  • A free demo
  • A free user or buying guide
  • A discount coupon
  • A free sample of your product/service

Deciding on which offer you would like to put on your website depends on your company’s services and the type of business you are in. Businesses that offer product based services such as shoes and clothing will not really need a consultation, so offering one would be pointless. Instead, it would make more sense to offer a discount coupon, sample or user/buyer guide. Businesses that have service based products such as accountants or solicitors will benefit more from offering a free consultation.

You can also do your own research to see what your competitors are offering. Pay attention to what is being offered, how it is being presented and who it is targeted at. Think about what customers want vs. what they need.

Creating a Call To Action

This is to encourage the user to take you up on your offer. It is often neglected as an effective lead generation technique, but it gives the user direction. There is nothing worse for a website visitor than not being able to find a way of contacting or finding out more about the company. Having a call to action makes it clear what you as a user needs to do in order to get to the next step of making a purchase. A call to action could be as simple as, “Fill in the form below to claim a complimentary consultation”.

After getting the contact details, you can work on establishing an understanding with your lead and finding out what you can do for them, which will lead to making a sale.

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